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Saint Barbara Church was founded in 2006 by the blessing of His Eminence, Kyrill, Archbishop of San Francisco & Western America, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Being established six years ago, the parish did not have a permanent priest and regular Sunday Liturgies until 2011.
In July 2011, His Eminence, Archbishop Kyrill, of San Francisco & Western America, blessed Archpriest George Gulin who lived at that time in Sacramento to arrive at Orange County, to lead and strengthen the efforts of many “myrrh-bearers”, the true hard-workers on the “field of the Lord” at St. Barbara’s Mission.

People of the parish needed spiritual leadership in order to organize parish life better and straighten it by the Holy Sacraments and Liturgical Services on a regular basis. During last year the Sisterhood of the parish was formed, consisting of the devote members, who regularly take care of the Church, cleaning and beautifying it with fresh flowers; sewing sets of vestments, printing monthly church bulletin, etc. Our liturgical language is Church Slavonic, but we include some English in our services, as well.

The atmosphere of the parish is very friendly, charmingly open, truly sincere, simple, full of love and respect to one another. Many visitors repeat saying this, witnessing their adoration by such lovely atmosphere in the parish. Come and visit us on Sundays, to listen to our beautiful Choir!

With God’s help, our parish successfully carries its spiritual mission. But we need even more active co-workers in Christ with the goal of raising up of our church building. Please join us in our efforts! Help our Mission to grow, to buy land and build a church facility! St. Barbara Parish receives no Diocesan aid but operates entirely on donations of quite a small number of parishioners. Therefore, we need your additional help to build traditional Russian-style Church here in Orange County. If you wish to help us, please send a check to the parish address, or donate through PayPal.

Shrines of our Parish

By the mercy of God, by the prayers of Saints, we have been blessed by the particles of relics of the following Saints:

  • St. Great Martyr Barbara,
  • St. Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon,
  • St. Hierarch Luke of Crimea,
  • Blessed Mother Matrena of Moscow,
  • Parents of St Sergius – St. Kyrill and Maria,
  • Several Venerated Fathers of the Kiev Caves,
  • Saint John Maximovich.

All relics are installed in the icons and available for your worship.

Through the prayers of the Saints, o Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us, and bless us!

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    Relics of Saint John Maximovich

    Today, on August 25-th 2018 our parish has received the relics of Saint John Maximovich!
    We have been waiting for this event to happen for many years….
    From now on we will have his holy relics remain in our church all the time.
    Glory be to God!
    O Holy Hierarch John pray unto God for us!

    Time of Confessions

    The Hours and Confessions start at 9:30 am on Sunday. There is lunch after the Liturgy.

    Vigil Service is held.

    Saturday 7:00 Pm – Matins
    On the Eve of Liturgy – Vigil Service is held. If you want to receive Holy Communion during Liturgy – you must attend the Vigil, as well.
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    Pilgrimage trip to Holy Land!

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    I would like to inform you in advance that we have exciting plans to make again a pilgrimage trip to Holy Land!

    There was initially proposed to make such a trip in July, but typical extreme hot weather in Israel in July and much higher prices for airfare will be probably not a pleasant thing for us to consider… We think a more comfortable pilgrimage travel for us will be in October!

    So, our plans are – we leave Los Angeles on Sunday, October 9th, and arrive to Tel Aviv on Monday, October 10th. This will be our first day in Israel – October 10th. And the final, departure day – is October 20th. There are still two options we consider choosing from.

    The first option – the pilgrimage only in the state of Israel (including Palestine territories).

    And the second option is – Israel with Palestine territories plus visiting Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which lays nearby. We can travel there easily by bus, and also may stay a day or two at one of the Red Sea Resorts.

    The only difference – a slight variation in the price of the two possible variants of pilgrimage. If we are visiting the state of Jordan also, – the price will be some higher. I asked travel representatives in Israel to send us approximate proposed Programs of our pilgrimage, and the final price. They promised me to send it somewhere after June 15th. To give you now a general clue, how much such pilgrimage will cost. The budget of such travel will be approximate – $3000 (airfare included) with only Israel, and $3500 (airfare included) for visiting Israel + Kingdom of Jordan. If you will travel with us to the Holy Land, – please confirm your participation! We should know in advance the number of people, traveling with us! So, if you are interested, and defiantly will go, – please confirm in advance your participation in the pilgrimage! Please send your confirmation to our church email: or send a text message to Fr. Georgiy’s cell phone: 916 949 3719 May God bless our upcoming special pilgrimage to the Holy Land!